Monday, April 26, 2010

Creek of Consciousness...

It’s been a wonderful spring on Wildcat Creek. Reminds me of the phrase that used to be (maybe still is, for all I know) on the mast of the newspaper in Springfield, Missouri: “’Tis a privilege to live in the Ozarks.”…Ironic to see Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa trying to tell the city’s unions there’s no more money. Villaraigosa got his start as a union organizer…Weekend Wall Street Journal had a compelling interview with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who lead the country’s Tutsi minority against genocide. He’s not interested in foreign aid; rather, the future, he says, is in supply side economics and private investing. Are you listening, President Obama?...Heard somebody say the other day that they like getting information on the internet via video. Not me. Takes too much time. I’d rather skim and scan. Or read the transcript…Quick trip to Van Buren, Arkansas, Saturday to watch Union Pacific Railroad’s historic steam locomotive No. 844 chuff through. Like a classic car. But bigger. Much bigger. And loud…The Cutest Community Organizer to whom I’m married went to California for the weekend to help daughter Amber move. Here she is helping to prepare Amber’s house…Continue to work on the U. S. Senate campaign for Randy Alexander. Lots of candidates for Senate and for our Third Congressional District. In fact, if you’re from Arkansas and you are reading this, you and I are probably the only ones not running…What is it about Oklahomans? Nicest people in the world. Somebody has described Okie road rage as two people at a four-way stop sign, each trying the wave the other one through first. Even the Transportation Security Administration people at Tulsa airport are pleasant: “You all have a good day and a nice flight,” they smile…Leftist “worries” about Tea Party violence are laughable. Tea Party demonstrators are too busy cleaning up and leaving the site of their demonstration better than they found it…It began with the Reagan years and for the most part continued for about a quarter of a century: prosperity, real free market prosperity. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton knew not to tamper with it. Alas, George W. Bush got cold feet about it with the bank bailout. Now Barack Obama works to destroy it. It was a wonderful time, a time in which the rich got richer and the poor got richer, too…The health care bill is not the first time Democrats have stiffened resistance against themselves. The Fugitive Slave Act they championed in 1850, which compelled all U. S. civilians to aid in apprehending escaped slaves, fueled the abolitionist movement in the North.

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