Friday, December 3, 2010

Conservatives and Sarah Palin

James Lewis has an excellent article in today's American Thinker entitled "Sarah Palin's Charisma."

Under the name of "Motown Mike," I posted the following in the comments section:

Leftist attacks on Sarah Palin are to be expected; I am concerned about the uninformed slights from conservatives:

“She’s a quitter. Look what she did with her governorship.” Oh? Did you read her book to learn why? Did you hear what she said on the day she announced her resignation? People don’t understand that people like Sarah actually say what they mean.

“She has no experience.” In 2008, Governor Palin’s experience outweighed Obama’s. And she’s been politically active since, credited with lifting several dozen Republicans to victory in the recent election.

“She has no gravitas.” Is that what you mean or is it that maybe you really have an issue with a president who is a beautiful and feminine woman? True, she’s not an intellectual. But unlike many Ivy League posers, she is smart.

“She’s another Barry Goldwater.” Please. It’s not 1964. That’s Democratic retrothinking -- that we live in those days of three TV networks, dominant Time and Newsweek, strong unions, and everyone shopping at Sears and grabbing their lunch pails to trudge off to work at Ford or put on their suits to go downtown to a sterile office. Times have changed. Besides, Goldwater never Twittered.

“The media will eat her alive.” When? She’s been beating them at their own game: she coined the term “death panels” and now leftists like Paul Krugman are using it. And when David Letterman went after her daughter, Momma Grizzly did a pretty good job of making him look like a dirty old man.

“She’s not electable.” That is the key question. And within the past week or so she herself said she is studying that issue. That’s political realism. That’s the mark of a real leader.

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