Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creek of Consciousness

We still have a drive in movie theater here in Northwest Arkansas. Of course, their triple feature of every winter is about to end
its annual run. By the way, that’s not a wrong spelling you see: it’s art. I’m sure everyone would say so if it played at the festivals at Sundance, Telluride, and Warsaw…Top o’ the mornin’ for St. Patricks Day today. Looking at some old 8mm movies last night from the ‘50s and there were shots of my great-grandmother and great aunt: two delightful sisters from Ireland…Netflix has been providing me with some old Route 66 TV shows from some fifty years ago. Two guys drifting around the country in a Corvette. Amazingly literate show with incredible location shots from the country we used to be. Speaking of which, the show demonstrates how times have changed: crisis of an episode I recently watched was whether or not a boy of about 12 would lose faith in God because his father died…Speaking of a 12-year-old boy, I met a bright sixth grader yesterday who has been labeled a “troublemaker” by his teachers. Why? Drugs? Smart mouth? No, worse. This polite honor student is a conservative. He got sent to the principal’s office a few days ago because he voiced opinions contrary to the Establishment’s view on multiculturalism…Meanwhile, I see President Obama has come out against school bullies. And yet he continues to support the teachers unions…

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