Monday, March 22, 2010

Thanks, Blanche Lincoln

Nancy Pelosi was very concerned that the House passage of the People's Health Care Bill not pass by one vote, since the Democratic honorables would have to go home to their districts and be blamed for being the deciding vote on this mess.
Actually, she got her wish with a bit to spare. But there is one vote – one vote! – directly responsible for this mess. It’s that of Senator Blanche Lincoln from here in Arkansas. Senator Lincoln passed the deciding vote to send the Senate version to cloture. She could have stopped it. But she didn’t. Now, of course, since the Democratic Health Care Rationing Act of 2010 has passed, she’s crowing about her part in passing it. Thanks, Senator Lincoln. Can’t remember which Republican U. S. senatorial candidate said this: “In November let’s send Blanche back home to Virginia.”

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