Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creek of Consciousness

Finally. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is pushing aside BP and ordering a barrier built in the ocean to halt the oil coming ashore. Earlier Gov. Jindal said he was ready to go to jail for violating federal non-action in the Gulf. Leadership sometimes means doing it now and apologizing later…Normally I don’t believe anything I read in Time except maybe the words “the” and “a,” but Time says people in Key West, Florida, also are taking things in their own hands. They are working around the bureaucrats and are making their own preparations for oil that may come their way...I’m back on the local Tea Party board, but have taken, along with the Cutest Community Organizer to whom I am married, several minor positions in the local Republican Party. Grassroots activism needs to be channeled into established political parties to be effective (both parties, by the way)…One of the things about reading people’s online comments is that you find some real gems like this: Wake your friends and neighbors! If you aren't considered an alarmist by a good portion of people you know, then you aren't doing enough!!!!!! And then there’s the crazy stuff posted below…

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