Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Like Dave Berry: I Am Not Making This Up

You find some telling comments that people post online. Here's something posted awhile back in an online comments section by someone calling themself "Honest Lib." It was entitled "The Liberal's Burden." Is this for real? Or did I get taken by a put-on, probably by a conservative? I dunno -- I report, you decide...

Dennis, if not for so-called liberals, lynching and witch burning would also still be considered good and entertaining American freedoms.Do you actually believe progressives enjoy telling you where your kids must go to school, what books they may read, what you are allowed to drive, where you can live, what you can eat, smoke or drink, or how you are allowed to control your money? Well, this may be a shocker for you, but we don’t. In fact, it’s actually an extremely tiresome and taxing burden.You probably believe that being born with superior insight, wisdom and understanding is a great advantage in life, but in actuality it’s a double-edged sword. Great intelligence comes with great responsibility – we have an inherent obligation to shepherd the lesser among us, despite their often incessant objections. We couldn’t sit back and allow the unintelligent and unenlightened masses to behave as they see fit even if we desired...no more than a mother could ignore the dangerous actions of her child.
--Honest Lib

Parody or not, leftist actions demonstrate all of the above.

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